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2007 is the lucky year for Actors Theatre’s 13th annual production of Dracula. With such an auspiciously spooky number it’s only appropriate to have an all-new production with more chills and thrills.

Renfield (Marc Bovino) is sharing a sneak peek behind the scenes of the new production. Check back for new posts from the disturbed yet enlightened guest of Dr. Seward:

Bloody Rat

Backstage Fun with Fake Wounds

On the News!


When Worlds Collide

Some Monster Traditions

Opening Tomorrow!

Tech Tech Tech!

Backstage Blood Bath

Renfield Breaks His Silence


24 Responses

  1. when will some of any other actors blog from dracula???

  2. At this time only Marc is able to blog regularly – many of the actors are from out of town and don’t have their own computers with them the way they do at home.

    Perhaps some of the other actors will put in a guest appearance on the Renfield blog.

  3. Hi i’m amber and i just went recently on wednesday sept 26 2007 with johnson traditional middle school. I loved the play it was scary and interseting at the same time i was so scared my heart dropped on some parts!! BIG PRops to DRAcula the PLAY

  4. The props were well crafted, the in house pyrotechnics were surprising, the stage itself was very impressive, and the acting was so well done that I did not want the performance to end. Renfield, the asylum inmate, was so fluid in his role that he stole the show from Dracula. Lucy goes on a rant that is pronominal! All in all, the show was five stars. BRAVO!

  5. This years cast for Dracula is the best I have seen. I work as a volunteer, ushering and working at the table just out side the theatre door. I am also an Associate of Actors Theatre. Dracula is the first play I ushered in 2005 and is the main reason I have joined the many volunteers there. I have always had a great love for theatre since I was in high school. Dracula (Misha) is the sexiest vampire I have ever seen, even from movies or tv. I hope you keep him as Dracula for many years to come. Renfield (Marc) is the funniest I have ever seen and I know it is really appreciated that he comes out to have pictures made with the apprentices. I wish Dracula himself would do pictures, because I know the apprentices would make a lot of money. The sound system is wonderful. I love the way it makes their voices sound and the special effects are really great too.

  6. I just saw it with my Dad today. It was my third time seeing it. The exploding lamps never fail to make me jump! Renfield rocked it this year! My Dad works at a mental hospital and this week a patient bit an attendant on the neck. How approprate ;]

    anyway, great show, guys! See you next year.

  7. I saw the play last week and I was so thrilled that I’m writing a rave review on it for my school’s paper. I didn’t expect Renfield to be a big character, but he took over the show. Dracula was the best play I’ve ever seen.

  8. I am in total agreement with Laura, Misha is the “sexist” vampire I have ever seen! He is the reason I keep coming back! Misha your mesmerizing!

  9. Misha IS Dracula! Other actors play Dracula, but Misha IS Dracula. The part was made for him. And Marc was awesome as Renfield. I’m going one more time this year to see it. I hope both of them return next year.

  10. I’ve been many years in the past. I thought there was no other way to do the play, but this rendition injects new energy and insights.


  11. Hi there!
    I’m so bummed. I live in the Chicago area, which makes it difficult to come and see your performances. I saw on the internet that you did Dracula last year as well. Would you ever consider doing a taped version of your play to sell? Perhaps it could even be rolled into a charitable thing…a portion of the proceeds going to research into blood borne pathogens? …My point, I would buy it! I’m positive other people would too! It looks like such an amazing performance and I’m heart broken to miss it!!!

  12. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  13. Angela,
    Unfortunately at this time we do not release extended footage of our productions. This has to do with concerns related both to our equity contract and the artistic representation of a live theatre performance on film. We do, however, offer teaser video clips on our website for our productions. You can view video previews as well as interviews at http://www.actorstheatre.org/play_video.htm

  14. It will be nice a YouTube preview of the production. Will be a way to promote the play on other Dracula related blogs or websites. I will be glad to host this kind of Dracula videos if you can provide it 😉

  15. We actually include video previews of Dracula on our main website ActorsTheatre.org

    You can view a video clip from this year’s all-new production at http://www.actorstheatre.org/play_dracula.htm

  16. I was at the 9/20 evening show. Best adaptation of Dracula I’ve seen. Hope nobody minded us dressing up for the show. Front row tickets were awsome. We’ll definately be returning in greater numbers.

  17. D.J. Taylor – glad you thought the show was awesome. We certainly don’t mind you dressing up and hope you will come again. For front row tickets again, you might want to go ahead and reserve. They tend to go quickly once the show is open – especially the performances Halloween week. Thanks again for coming!

  18. I am writing a report on Dracula, How come you guys don’t have like background info on the story . I loved the play, it was awwesome. :p

  19. Hey Daisy,
    You will want to check out our Play Guide which is available online at http://www.actorstheatre.org/StudyGuides/Dracula_2008.pdf
    The play guide is created by our Education Department and they use it in pre-performance workshops at schools before students come see the show.
    It contains background information on Bram Stoker and Dracula, including Vlad Tepes.

  20. Hey Marc. I hope you remember me (Angela’s) mom.
    Love you . You are a great Reinfield. Can you help me score some free tickets since Angela is gone. Call me at 964-4357 r 772-1853. Thanks Pam

  21. Dracula was great! I loved it! I hope that it gets changed slightly every year to make it more exciting than last years! ;D

  22. What would I have to do if I wanted to audition for a part? Cause I don’t think you guys would have the appropriate part for a blond teenager girl. Unless you made Count Dracula have a daughter or something! LOL! I really enjoyed the show! ;D

  23. Actors,
    Hi, its me again! 😉
    Because its close to Halloween, next week we have a report due and we have to write about a monster/creatre we know and what is their background information, and if we know something that relates to it, we need to also write about the history/background of that as well! Well, I was going to do mine on Count Dracula and the play Dracula! If there is anything special I would probably like to know, I would apprectiate it!
    Thanks! 🙂
    Kelli ♥

  24. Hello, I have found your blog, looking for blogs that they speak on the great vampire.
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    The last one that I have hung is of Drácula, they entrusted me to illustrate a book of juvenile text.
    I invite you to see the blog and to giving me your opinion. Thank you.

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