On the news!


Hey Universe!

Yesterday Michael (from the Underpants) and I went over
to the local ABC station and were interviewed on the mid-day
news about our shows. It was pretty fun and silly at the same time.
There was no big briefing about what to expect or how to act or
what camera to look (or not look at). They just brought us into
the studio and sat us down on either side of the anchor man…
at the anchorman desk! Ridiculous! The anchorman had the usual
anchorman attributes including the smarty-pants weatherman over
in the corner who was cracking jokes about his wife during the commercial
break. Also, he had his stack of papers that he shuffled with but never really read
and just scribbled random lines on. Oh the news! It’s a different world all together.
I think they make anchormen in some factory somewhere and ship them throughout
the country. I wonder if they would sell to the general public?

talk soon!


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  1. Marc,

    WOW! That must have been very annoying! You were great playing Renfield! I know I have already asked this question before, but I forgot something, I have never been in any plays before, but I have had to memorize an entire booklet for Tae Kwon Do testing to get my black belt, and I did ballet, so I kow what its like to be on stage, and I got the experince of being in front of people from both! I don’t know if that will help at all, but can you PLEASE at least check into it! But, it would be hard with school and having diorced parents! I don’t know! Oh well, you did great!! ;D
    Sorry if I have been annoying you by writing so many blog answers! 😦

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