Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
text by John Cameron Mitchell
music and lyrics by Stephen Trask
directed by Sean Daniels
Sept 11 – 30

Cult Rock Musical Odyssey
Share your thoughts on Hedwig and the Angry Inch! What’s your best breakup story? We know a few people who suffered digital breakup (e-mail, text message, instant message) – definitely the worst.
Our very own Hedwig (David Hanbury) is sending Posts from the Edge on Actors Stage Speak – rehearsals, makeup, band practice, wigs and more.

Yitzhak (Angela Motter) is sending Dispatches from Louisville on her MySpace blog, ruminating on what it’s like to be a performer.

A Fireside Chat with Sean – Get to knowAssociate Artistc Director Sean Daniels as he blogs about his first season at Actors.

More About the Play


2 Responses

  1. Director Sean Daniels shares part of his very own worst breakup story:
    In 1999 I was dumped for Weird Al Yankovic – yep, I heard the words “Al called and I’m going to visit him”, to which I had to reply “wait, are you dumping me for Weird Al Yankovic”. Next time we’re out for drinks, I’ll tell you the rest. Sadly he was one the first concerts I saw – and now that image is soiled. Ah, Weird Al.

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