Fifth Third Bank presents
originally dramatized by Hamilton Deane and John L. Balderston
from Bram Stoker’s world famous novel, Dracula
as adapted by William McNulty

Sept 21 – Oct 31, 2007
Directed by William McNulty

All-New Production!
Haunting new adaptation with new sets, costumes, lighting and special effects! Share your thoughts about Dracula. What would you like to see in the new production?

Dracula Blog
Renfield (Marc Bovino) is blogging from behind the scenes of the new production.

New Look for Dracula


6 Responses

  1. AMAZING!….. simple as that ^-^

  2. Dracula is entertainment plus educataion. Everything came to life and so realistic even the fake blood.

  3. I think the play was defitanly a thriller it was a awesom suprize it was a more instering play ive ever been to.

  4. All the actors were great in this new revised version but I did`nt really care for the comedy in this one. Dracula is supposed to be dramatic and scary, not comical.
    I did`nt care for the killing of the baby either; bad taste.
    When Jonathan was dreaming and those three monsters came up out of the floor, I thought a better effect would have been to have them looking beautifully seductive.
    The wig on Dracula, lol, I know hes been around for five hundred years, but come on, he too has been known to be an alluring and seductive creature. If you must have a wig, it should be more complimentary for him.
    It wasn`t bad but I think we should concentrate more on the scary, and seductiveness of what Dracula has been about for centuries. Sincerely Tina

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  6. I got fake all over my white pants! Now, you’d think someone would be mad about that. OF COURSE NOT. I thought that was so cool!

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