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  1. please please ALWAYS post the playwrights’ names with the play titles. there are so few women playwrights being produced nationwide as you know, and when all or most playwrights’ names are omitted from your listings, then the visibility is diminished even more.

    thanks for all you do from someone who specializes in women’s projects.


  2. Lyndol,
    Thank you for your comment. Where space provides, we always try to include playwrights’ names alongside play titles, regardless of their gender. I believe this is evident on our website.
    Unfortunately, we cannot control (although we wish we could!) how the media and entertainment guides list our productions. We always send the full information and hope that they include the most important pieces. This is not always the case.
    We do not have playwright names listed throughout this Stage Speak forum–we just started the forum this season and are going through multiple revisions as we get it up and running. That will probably include adding playwright names as well as descriptions and run dates, although it already includes links to our formal website where all of that information is available.
    Again, thank you for your comment.

  3. did you like the “As If Body Loop?” Maybe it’s from living in Taos which is so New Age the old look young, but I thought it cut through something. I loved that the writing took us to such cartoon moments and thought it was asking a lot of the actors to pull and tack it all together. I hope we are moving into that bright space where people can feel their own power and connectivity. My favorite part of the festival was seeing you all working and working together. Thanx

  4. the blood scenes where awesom even though the blood went every where me and my friends came to the play with our school for language arts and i got a seat where allmost all of the actions where.

  5. i LOVE romance, mystery, and horror this play showed it all

  6. I am doing a theatre research project on stage actors and have a few general questions for you all! What is a typical stage actors’ work schedule like? What is a typical salary? What skills are required for a stage actor? Where are some training locations (schools, apprenticeships, training facilities) What are some important names and locations of important companies/facilities in the field? What are some significant unions or trade organizations in this field and how is membership granted?

  7. Mercedes here are some answers to your questions:
    What is a typical stage actors’ work schedule? During rehearsals actors typically work 6 -8 hours in rehearsal and then plenty of time outside of rehearsal memorizing lines, going over blocking and preparing for the next days rehearsals. During tech, actors are expected to be at the technical rehearsal (when production elements are added) for 10 hours each day. Work hours are agreed upon by the theatre and Actors Equity Association, which is the union for actors and stage managers. Here is their website: .
    What skills are required for a stage actor?: Actors must be smart, connected to their bodies, able to take direction, learn lines and have a great sense of imagination.
    Names of places to train: There are a wide variety of training opportunities for actors. Most regional theatres have apprenticeships. Others are linked to Universities that offer a Masters of Fine Arts degree. Additionally there are training centers for a variety of acting techniques in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.
    Important Names and Locations of Important Companies in the field?: Please check out Theatre Communications Group website: . This is an organization that has information of a wide variety of theatres all over the country.
    Significant unions and how membership is granted: The Actors Equity Association is the trade union for actors and stage managers. Their website is above. Here is a link to information on membership: .

    Hope the report goes well!

  8. When will we find out who will play the two characters in A Tuna Christmas? My family’s been to nearly every annual performance, and always loved it until last season. I hope we’ll be able to attend during this final season, but pray there will be two different actors in the roles. Why not bring back some of the old timers who developed these roles to the peak of hilarity?! Above all, do not, PLEASE do not cast that woman!! Her performance was so wrong on so many levels that I found myself dreading what she’d do to ruin each upcoming favorite scene. Besides, the longstanding tradition for all the Tuna plays, and a major source of their humor, is having two male actors play all the roles.

    Also, the disparity in heights went too far. OK if they’re not the same height, but not THAT far out of sync!

  9. lisydomu-
    You’ll be happy to hear that we do indeed know one of the Tuna Christmas actors already – Brad DePlanche will be returning! He was in Tuna many times before, from 2002 – 2004.

    Brad was a bit hit, so we’re excited to have him back again!

    We’ll hopefully know the second guy in the next month, and we’ll be sure to post it!

  10. Do you know who is playing Dracula this year? My friends and I loved Misha last year. Also, will Marc Bovino be returning?

  11. Hey, just wanted to check if my nephew plays a part on Dracula. His name’s Daniel Reyes and he’s from Miami, FL. Hiya Danny if you’re there!
    Tia Gracie

  12. Melanie,
    Randolph Curtis Rand will be returning to play Dracula after a hiatus of a few years, and Marc Bovino will also be returning to play Renfield again!

  13. Gracie – Daniel Reyes will be part of the Undead Ensemble in Dracula!

  14. lisydomu-
    In addition to Brad DePlanche (returning after being in Tuna in 2002, 2003, 2004), we now know that the second actor for A Tuna Christmas will be Warren Kelley.

    While Warren has not been in Tuna before, he has appeared in numerous dramas, comedies and musicals off-Broadway and regionally. He’s also appeared on Television in Law & Order: SVU and Chappelle’s Show in addition to some independent features. We are looking forward to working with him!

  15. My Comment is for the entire cast.
    I a, from Muhlenberg North High School and we visited the play Dracula on September 18, 2008 and I would like to say the PRO formance was incredible. This coming from one actor to many others. I am an actor at the local theater the Muhlenberg Community Theater and have been apart of the following plays. ( A Christmas Carol, Anne of Green Gables, The Legend of Pocahontas, and The Chronicles of Narnia the Lion the Which and the Wardrobe)
    The next play is Shakespeare’s A Mid-Summer Nights Dream produced and Directed by our great Drama coordinator Mrs. Candy Roscoe who did coordinate and visit Dracula with us.
    If you have any information or advice for an actor with a little experience please feel free to sharer your great knowledge.
    And one last question for the Sound and Music Designer Benjamin Marcum can you yell me where I can receive a copy of the Dracula soundtrack including the sound effects.
    But furthermore I would like to congratulate the entire cast on an outstanding PRO-formance.

  16. Dear Actors:

    I was at one time a theater actor, playing a small part in the Nutcracker when I was fifteen years old. I was also a model for Levi Jean Co. back when I was 9 years old. It seems the career has never left my mind, either acting or modeling, because I am still interested in pursuing either career. However, since that time I have received my master’s degree in health and haven’t done any acting since I was 15. Is it too late? How would I proceed to involve myself in a production when my experience is obviously in another specialization.

    Finally, I did a small audition for a filmed horror show by a local student organization. I feel that being in front of the camera was much easier than working on stage. Do you feel this is a case of inanimate object awareness, and not a case of stage trepidation? Is there any information you can give on how to apply for auditions for small independent or local films in Kentucky?

    Thank you for your assistance.

  17. Hey, Jordan –

    We’re so glad you all were able to make it all the way up from Muhlenberg County and that you loved the show. We shared your comments with the cast and crew.

    The soundtrack for Dracula is probably one of the most complicated sound designs we’ve ever done. Sound designer Ben Marcum said that there’s a lot of mixing that goes into it, so there’s not actually a recorded soundtrack available.

    Our casting departments advice for young actors with less experience is:
    First, see as much theatre as you can and just keep reading plays! It’s a great way to understand the kind of plays you want to do and what kind of acting you like. Second, take a class. Even the best and most accomplished performers still take classes to keep sharp. Third, audition, audition, audition! Many people say the hardest part of acting is auditioning. The more you audition the more comfortable you will become and the easier the process will be.

  18. Mike,
    We believe it is never too late, no matter where your interest lies.
    We would recommend that you check out the FAQ section of our casting page:
    The biggest thing to emphasize is immersion in theatre and film – if you want to do it, go see stuff. Simple as that. That will also help you decide if it’s what you really want to do.
    Then the next step would be auditioning. The best way to find out about local auditions (for film or theatre) is to keep an eye out, particularly on your local newspaper (print and online). And it doesn’t hurt to Google for your area – Actors Theatre posts auditions online as soon as they’re scheduled and we know people find them by searching online.
    Our specialty is definitely not film, so all we can say on that subject is some people prefer one medium to the other for a variety of reasons, though some actors seem very comfortable on both stage and screen.

  19. Danny, I would so much like to go see the play! Happy Birthday! I’m very proud of you!
    Tia Gracie

  20. re: lisydomu’s complaint about tuna christmas.

    my family all went to the show this past year and several of the previous years and i think it was absolutely wonderful and enjoyable show every year. I thought the actress you complained about was fantastic and I honestly like the variety of what different actors can bring to the role… if I wanted a static recreation of something, I’d videotape it and watch the tape. Better to see the same story through other people’s interpretations… especially someone who brought such fullness and life and humor to the characters. We say, cast her again, anytime… we’ll go.

  21. Re: lisydomu’s complaint about tuna christmas

    In response to lisydomu’s comments about last year’s Tuna Christmas cast, I’m wondering if the writer saw the same show I did. I laughed until I couldn’t take it anymore, as did the rest of the audience. And the last scene was pitch perfect! What a hoot! It was clearly the best Actor’s production of Tuna since Craig Heidenreich and Bill McNulty knocked ’em dead many years ago. By the way, I have to say I thought the casting of Ms. Wasnak was a stroke of genius… especially considering she brought new life to a show which has been around long enough to suffer some audience fatigue at the premise and the now familiar but stereotypical casting which has become common in Tuna productions around the country. Kudos to Actor’s for trying something new, kudos to the playwrights who I’m sure approved taking this chance, and above all kudos to Ms. Wasnak for bringing her outstanding comedic and physical talents to Louisville audiences.

    (Note to Actor’s staff: quite bad form not defending Ms. Wasnak and your production last year… both deserve your support!)

  22. Hey, why such a hateful comment about Ms. Wasnak, lisydomu? I had never seen “Tuna” until last year, but honestly, I could not have been more entertained. I thought casting a TINY woman (as a man) with a GARGANTUAN man (as a woman) was really brilliant, and made it all that much funnier. Aside from that, Ms. Wasnak just knocked my socks off with her physical comedy. I wondered why Actor’s had not used her before, or in anything since. I say, “Bring her back, anytime, anywhere!” I would certainly be the first in line to buy tickets!

  23. I was privileged to catch last season’s production of “Tuna” and thought it was fantastic! I loved the energy and physicality of the actors’ performance, particularly that of Ms. Wasnak. It was a refreshing and original interpretation of the role and I commend Actor’s for recognizing the value of such performances.

  24. Last year was the first time in many years I attended a performance of A Tuna Christmas, partly because I had become bored with the same old thing. I couldn’t imagine a woman in this play until I found myself holding my sides laughing at Diane Wasnak’s performance. My friend, who had never seen it before didn’t even realize it was a woman until several scenes in- he came out raving about her! With the seating being in the round it was easy to watch the faces of others, and I believe the hilarity factor was evidenced by the laughter and obvious joy of all who were watching. Truthfully, I felt Ms. Wasnak’s performance was far superior to her co-actor, who tended to drag the scenes at times, though their size difference certainly added humor. I’m sorry lisydomu isn’t open to change (which seems to be a very Louisville attitude), but if you want to keep it fresh and funny, change is exactly the right thing to do with the right actors. Please keep Diane Wasnak in the loop at Actors for all of us to be entertained by.

  25. Alan, Lindsay, Kay, Karen and Connie:
    Thanks for the comments – we thought very highly of Diane Wasnak and her performance, too!

  26. I so thoroughly enjoyed A Tuna Christmas last yr, as I have in previous years. Sound like Lisydomu has an axe to grind….. Both actors were fabulous and did great justice to the script! I’d go back in a second to see ‘that woman’ (Ms Wasnak) in any production!

  27. Last year I saw Tuna Christmas for the third time and found it to be the best production ever! THAT WOMAN was great and I found the physical differences of the actors only added to the hilarity of the whole show. I would be more than pleased to see any production that included Ms. Wasnak…in fact I would be sure to attend any production that included her!

  28. Sometimes the best plays are the ones that we fear that we will not like. Last year, I feared that Doubt might be just another attack against religion. It was not. Instead, it dealt with strong feelings that each of us must confront during our lives.
    This year, I feared that A Raisin in the Sun about an urban black family in the 1950’s would offer little of relevance to my life. I was very wrong. A Raisin in the Sun richly deserves all of the awards that it has received. While an understanding of urban black society in a 1950’s northern city is helpful, the play offers insights to all of us regardless of color or social status. It was very well done.

  29. Terry,
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback.
    Your observation is the very reason all of us at Actors feel that theatre is our calling in life.
    We hope theatre continues to remain relevant, no matter what the play is, and we’re so glad that you were able to find insights in both “Doubt” and “A Raisin in the Sun.”

  30. Saw Wendell Berry Thursday, March 26th and on opening night. It was awesome and very well put together. The music was also awesome. Keep up the good work.

  31. AMERIVILLE was my favorite show of the festival this year. THANKS for bringing this group to Louisville.

  32. I am wondering if a few actors could describe what it is like to be onstage in perfornance?
    And what part does that play in your life as a whole?

    I know it is a very hard thing to put into words. So single word descriptions are alright.

    Thank you.

  33. Ruth, here is a response from David Brown, an acting apprentice at Actors Theatre:

    Imagine learning how to swim in a pool and then being thrown into a rushing river, with jagged rocks, a strong current, and two or three of your closest friends. You survive by relying first on your friends, and second, on your training – if either one fails, hopefully the other helps you get back up to the surface. It’s scary. It’s fun. It’s hard work.

    For me, I have to trust that I’ve prepared well enough to be able to react in the moment, much like you would be forced to if thrown into that river. I’ve found that if I’m worried about remembering my lines, or how to breathe, that I’m already behind. I just have to trust, pay attention, and PLAY. There’s always going to be a degree of improvisation as things go differently from night to night, so I accept that, and actively try to listen out what exactly it is that is different from night to night, so that I can respond to it. Maybe it’s the relationship with the audience, maybe it’s one of my fellow actors on stage having a new breakthrough in a particular moment, or maybe it’s as simple as a communication breakdown, a dropped line, or a misplaced prop.

    Rising to this challenge of being simultaneously in the moment while being aware of the story of which I’m a part is one of the hardest things I know how to do, and I’m not always successful at it, but I love the challenge. It’s a goal to strive for, and it allows me to be an eternal student of life, to seek to understand human narrative, human experience, and to see the world in gray rather than absolutes as I’m actively experiencing it. Sometimes we play the bad guy, sometimes the good, sometimes both at the same time depending on who is telling the story. Theatre is life, packaged in a more interesting box. In the moment it just happens, and sometimes it’s great, and sometimes it sucks, but after it’s through, if we’ve done our job right, we look back and say “Man, what a story!”
    – David Brown

  34. how did heath ledger die???in every detail….and he was my fav.acctor…can u give me any secret like how i can email any of the actors from the dark knight????like batman…christian bale…please please?

  35. Unfortunately we’re just a theatre, not the prognosticators of Hollywood, so your guess is as good as ours.

  36. I went to see Lookingglass Alice yesterday with my school. The play is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to give a shout out to all the cast, especially Alice, for all your hard work and a job well done! Alice, you did great on the ropes and hoop. You are a true acrobat. I LOVED the show and will definately come see it again. Hope I can meet the cast sometime, and maybe follow in their footsteps. (I would love to play Alice one day) Congratulations to the whole cast!!!!!!!

  37. Hey, just wanted to say Dracula was AWESOME!!!
    I hope to see Renfield again next year! I have seen this play twice, once with my class, and once after BEGGING my parents to take me!
    I was wondering, could you mabey send me a picture of Marc Bovino in costume? He was my favorite. So was Count Dracula! I really want to some day be in Dracula.
    I had a dream the night after I saw Dracula that I was in the play as Count Darcula’s daughter! Starnge right? Well, enjoyed the play! ;D

  38. will marc bovino be in this year’s play a christmas carol?

  39. and also, i agree with kellie! dracula is the best play i’ve seen in my whole life! ive seen it twice to and im still begging my parents to take me again! i even promised god that i would be nice to this really wierd kid at my school if he would change my parents minds about not taking me again!!! …and reinfield was my favorite to! the second time i went to see dracula, i took a picture with the cast and i pretty much ran to the back so i could be beside him! i would absolutely LOVE IT if he were in next years dracula (because i’ve already made my parents promise to take me to see it next year) and this year’s the christmas carol! is he???

  40. Dear Actors,

    I loved this years Dracula! I will most certainly be coming back for next years peformance! I just have one question, will Marc Bovino be Renfield for next yera and will Randolph Curtis Rand be play Count Dracula for net year as well? Those two were my favorite! That is mainly why I saw it twice this year and that is why I am going to see it next year as well!
    I play the flute in my school’s band and I have a suggestion for a piece of music if you would like to have something new. We are playing The Pit and The Pendulum for out Halloween concert and the way that this song just makes you heart pump made me think about Dracula and how those two relate in the intensity! It was just a suggestion, you may go along with it if you would like! 🙂
    Loved the show, I am still thinking about it and, if I have to, I will save up to go next year! 🙂

    Kelli ♥

  41. is there any way i could find out about auditions for kid actors in upcoming plays???? what are the requirements?????

  42. start off to becoming an actor

  43. I need a favor. I just started teaching acting at an IAFT film school in Cebu, PH. I have a big class, 20, so I was wanting to do a few 10 minute plays for their final. I am having a hard time getting good, large cast scripts. I need either 2 with 10 each or 3 with 6-7 each. Resources for Theatre on this side of the world are limited to the internet.

    I want to introduce the plays to them next week. Can anyone help?

  44. Hi, I am 12 years old and I realy want to become a model or an actor. I make good grades in school and I want to be a actor or model to be famous and have good amazing fans. Help me out ?

  45. It is an absorbing and informatory post. It has been very helpful in understanding of various things. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me.

  46. Dear all
    i have seen the play on youtube “MAIN TANU PHIR MILANGE”based on Amrita ji’s life. can u provide us the video CD of that play.i m basically from Australia and i love the poetry of amrita. i feel proud to see that some one is there who work on amrita imroz. love u all
    yours truly

  47. Hi i want talk with my best actor “cuba gooding.jr” how tell me please??

  48. hi i’m crystal and i like to talk to tony goldwyn,he is one my favaouite actors and i admire him alot and i would really like to now hows it going with his new film.

  49. Hello I would like to talk to an actor for a project i’m doing. I’ve always wanted to be an actor and i want to look towards my future.

  50. I would love to try and do acting to see what it is like. I love to sing and get crazy funny all the time.

  51. Renfield srry I kept anoyying u and want a hug kiss on cheek and u,u rock

  52. I love randolph curtis he play an amazing dracula in actors theater dracula.But marc ur good too.but randolph is awsome and sneaky.I hope they come back next year.

  53. i wont talk 2 sylvester stallone and ask him about making rambo 5. i wont 2 c them make rambo 5 becouse rambo 1,2,3 and 4 was awesome. and expendables 1 and 2 was awesome and i wont 2 c expendables 3

  54. Celebrities started stepping into the phenomenon on this viral video:.
    Watch the first clip that started it all. Inside the Actors Studio is really
    a opportunity to spend a night time seeing various talents through the industry discussing the things they know best.

  55. Question:what age were you when you began acting and for example like Emma Stone,what age were you when you moved city,country etc to pursue your acting career?

  56. Hi I was just wondering how exactly hard it is to get into this business; I’ve heard so many different things and everyone is different. But I’m in high school so should I start now so I waste less time? Or wait until I’m done high school? I’m in 11th grade.

  57. I wanted to ask G Hannelius if she could give me tips on how to become a Disney actor

  58. I wanted to ask G Hannelius if she could give me tips on how to become a Disney actor I want to become a Disney actor

  59. I would honestly love to be famous one day but I doubt it will happen. I can sing pretty well and am kinda good at acting. I would like to start out by simply trying a commercial to see how show business really works. Any advice on how I could do any of this?

  60. My name is Daniel Chopra i am 25 year old,i am disabled,i attends the blue apple theatre in Winchester,i want. to be an actor,can you help me.

  61. Hi my name is sara and im a 31 year old suggling mother and all I think about is making a better life for my family and my only son josiah is 6 years old and loves mike Epps and ice cube so much that he act’s them out I would love for my baby to meet them but i have no way to pay for him to meet them is there another way ? My baby is suppose to be in the first grade but he did so well that the school moved him up to the second grade I feel my baby should get the chance to get something he wants cause he work very hard

  62. I love acting and want to become an actress for shows on Disney channel or anything like that. I’m scared to tell my parents because I think they will discourage me saying few people make it far for acting. I think they will also laugh at me. How should I become an actor and tell my parents?

  63. I really won’t to meet fame people

  64. Hi I wish I could talk to Taylor swift and all the home and away actors from Amara I hope I could become famous one day but I don’t know how it is going to happen

  65. I’m 13 and I want to become an actor. I tried this one website and they was just trying to get money from every one. Can anyone help me please. I really love acting and I’m doing this for me and my family.

    Please I need this

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