Hey Everybody,

Last night was quite exciting in Dracula world. In the middle of
fight call right before the show, we had to evacuate the theatre and head for the fall-out shelter that is the basement of Actors Theatre because of
a Tornado warning. It sort of felt like a snow day. We all hung out in the dressing
room waiting out the storm telling stories of Tornado experiences. We had to
start the show about a half hour later than planned and there was
still the danger that another storm was on its way. If the storm actually
arrived we would have had to stop the show and head for the basement
again. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. But I secretly (shhh) wished it would.
I think it’s always amazing when theatre actually stops and then continues without
a hitch. It testifies to an audiences ability to tap into their imagninations even when
they are interrupted by the real world. Kind of like a rain delay in baseball.

talk soon!


2 Responses

  1. the $5 photo turned out great.

    i saw dracula a couple weeks back, I nearly had to fight people for the half an hour till show 17 dollar tickets.

    the tornado was scary!
    although I dont think one touched down, the winds were still high though.

    well, good luck on the rest of the shows!!!


  2. WOW! I’m glad that didn’t happen when I went to see your play! Especially when I came on a field trip to see it, we would have had to leave early and miss the rest of the show! That would have stunk! I would have been VERY grumpy!

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