Backstage Fun with Fake Wounds

hey everybody!

Here’s a quick look into some theatre makeup trickery.
Everynight i apply a fake latex wound to my head using
spirit gum and liquid latex around the edges. Once it’s
stuck on there, I blend it in with makeup and lots of fake blood.

Notice the nice mini pink hair dryer we have in the men’s dressing room.
David, who plays Harker, usually breaks it because it can’t handle
his enormous head of hair.







3 Responses

  1. Heyyy.. Well i just thought i would put this out there that i went to a Ypas camp over the summer called YAI and we learned how to do this, instead we used wax though… it was cool

  2. WOW! when you were acting Marc, I thought that wound was real!! Lol! BLONDE! But I thought you did really well acting like you were really badly wounded when you were rolled in on the wooden wheelchair! Nice job! That thing must have hurt! Lol! ;D

  3. Hey Hunnie, amazing post! This is on point to what I was searching for

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