Bloody Rat


Today during the student matinee
I dropped my bloody
rat out of my mouth as i ran
up the stairs. how embarassing!?!… really now.
The rat landed at the feet of some
fine young gentleman who reached down and
grabbed my rat! In my panic and blindness (since
i don’t wear my prescription glasses during the show)
i was sure my rat was gone for ever. Luckily,
he kindly handed the rat back to me. Of course, Renfield
simply snarled and growled at him as a sign of appreciation
for his generosity.

So whoever you are thank you for returning my dirty drool covered
stuffed rat.

On a side note, apparently we’ve broken box office attendance
records for Dracula this year in the process of selling out!


And just a thought: I think everyone who bought tickets to
the Halloween show should dress up! Go for it. Please.



6 Responses

  1. Caught the play last Friday 10/26. Had a great time! We appreciate everyone’s efforts in putting together a fantastic show. Your Renfield character was especially entertaining. Many Thanks! R&W

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  3. Where at the site can I find information about this year’s cast?

  4. I was at the 9/20 evening show. My crew and I sat front row behind the couch. We were the ones dressed up. We enjoyed your performance greatly. You all were absolutely wonderful. We will definately be returning for future shows, and we’ll be bringing alot more with us. Also, we really appreciate you guys taking the time to sign our photo after the show.

    See you soon,

  5. Just saw the play today, the casting and aspect of the entire play was brilliant! The whole cast of play was picked perfectly but you were my favorite. when you were on stage i would be to focused on you to remember to look behind me and in the isles to see if something crazy was gonna jump out!

  6. I loved the play! You were awesome! I loved the part were you hugged Dracula after he started beating you up! That was hilarious! I’m am going to be coming back every year! Mainly just to see YOU! So far, this year, I have seen the play twice! Once on a field trip, the other, from hours of begging my parents to let me go and see it again! I wish I could have gotten a picture of you! DANG IT!!! Do you think you could mabey send me one? Well, I hope you will be in Dracula again next year! ;D

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