Renfield breaks his silence


Hey Everybody!

It’s Renfield your average garden variety raving lunatic…
aka Marc Bovino.

First of all, I’m totally psyched to be
back at Actors Theatre of Louisville! For those of you who
don’t know, or have sadly forgotten (shame on you), I was a member
of the Acting Apprentice Company back in 2004-2005. That season
I made a killing playing mute characters such as the Monster in
Dracula and the Astounding Krispinsky–a near naked escape
artist– in the Humana Festival production of Uncle Sam’s Satiric Spectacular.
Both, required no actual language but a myriad of grunts, groans, and growls.
Needless to say, I was shocked to be offered the role of Renfield–
a character who not only speaks…but pretty much never shuts up.
How the tables have turned. 😉

New Script, New Production, New Renfield!
Get ready Louisville.
This ain’t your mama’s Dracula.


5 Responses

  1. How life unravels….you were reading Dracula before you could speak….I remember that thick book and I was amazed that could actually read it, let alone finish it. What a task. It paid off.
    Ramble on Renfield!!!!!!

  2. You are FANTASTIC. You definitely steal the show. I’m not sure where you get the energy, though. Keep it up!

  3. Marc you are marvelous. I do not think that Actors Theatre could ever find a better Renfield as you. This year I laughed so hard it made my stomach hurt. I really do think it is great that you come out to have pictures made with the apprentices. I had my picture made with you and monster dracula one evening when I was closing down the dracula table. You guys seem to have a lot of fun together. Keep up the great work and be sure to tell the whole cast that I think they are all wonderful this year.

  4. Marc, you’re the best! I loved Dracula this year and I think you stole the show! With Misha as Dracula and you as Renfield, I don’t see how it could get any better! The whole cast was awesome. Congrats on getting the part and thanks for coming out to get your picture made with everyone. I loved it!

  5. Marc/ the perfect Renfield,

    I saw Dracula on 10/21 and I loved it! You make the perfect Renfield! Its so obvious that you steal the show from Dracula! This year, you and Randolph made the perfect pair for Renfield and Count Dracula! B esure to tell Randolph that I said that he was the best Count Dracula there could ever be! You two were really funny when he was practiclly beating you up and when you stood up and hugged him and started fluffing out his hair, that was probably the funniest scene I saw! Next to the part when you asked that guy in the audience if you said the, and when he nodded, you freaked out! That was also funny! You really need to stick with being Renfield! I wish I could be in Dracula, but I don’t think you guys have the appropriate part for a blond teenage girl, unless you have Count Dracula have a daughter who is good! lol! Mabey you could look into it for me! ;D!

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