31 Days of Renfield: Day 22

“I did my first play when I was in first grade. I played the owl in the Mother’s Day play at my elementary school. I was the lead. I still remember my first line. It was “Hoo! Hoo! What do you want me to doooo!?” Looking back on it, I wonder if my teacher’s random decision to cast me as the owl led me to believe that I should be an actor or did I show some sort of inclination towards acting that at age six my teacher recognized and fostered. Either way it’s pretty alarming how much influence that Mother’s day play had on me and the rest of my life. Here I am, at 29, able to pinpoint an experience at age six playing an owl that led me to the place I am today.”


One Response

  1. My first play was when I was 12 days old. My mom volunteered me to be the baby Jesus in her school’s Christmas play. My second play was when I was 6. I was Sparky the head elf in my kindergarten play, “That’s Not Santa”. I had the most lines of anyone, even more then Santa! (This comment has inspired me to write a blog post. Thanks)

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