31 Days of Renfield: Day 21

“I’ve started my hunt for my halloween costume this year. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Leave a comment. I take halloween very seriously. When I was younger, a lot younger, I bought, well my mom bought me, a cookie monster costume for halloween. I was really excited at the beginning of October but as the days dwindled away and Halloween got closer I lost interest in my cookie monster costume thinking it wasn’t cool enough and made my mom return it. Instead I ended up being some monster with a mask. I regret to this day that I wasn’t and haven’t been able to be cookie monster for halloween. I fear I’ve missed that boat.”


5 Responses

  1. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. ….or a life sized Anubis. …or Frank, the rabbit from Donnie Darko.

    Those are all things I always wanted to be, anyway! 🙂

  2. it’s never too late to be cookie monster.

    you could find some blue furry gloves and googly eyes. and someone to dress up as your cookie! it’s been known to happen in louisville…

    or the entire dracula cast should be the characters from winnie the pooh! i vote for you as piglet.

  3. I’m well aware this is a bit odd, (especially coming from a 13 yr. old girl) but what about one of The Beatles? Elvis? Or maybe someone from KISS? (I think the make-up would be fun as well as the hair) 🙂 A final suggestion: Someone from the hit novels “Harry Potter.”

  4. These are all great ideas. I think cookie monster is out because some of my great friends dressed up as cookie monster and a cookie already. As far as harry potter characters Voldemort has been on my list of ideas. I love Donnie Darko as well. Keep the ideas coming!

  5. Voldemort would be awesome! (In order to get the nose, I recommend painting one of those plastic phantom of the opera type masks (the ones that just cover your eyes, kind of like Zorro) white and putting black slits on the nose.

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