31 Days of Renfield: Day 16

“Yesterday Alex (the monster),  Havalah (Miss Sullivan) and I went to do a Q & A with the students at Clarksville High School in Indiana. We had a fun time and all the students were really great. They are doing their own production of The Hound of Baskerville at the end of the month. You should probably go see it.  And now on a completely different topic. Each year after Dracula is done the rats who perform in the show go back to living and being taken care of by some of our props masters at the shop. Apparently one year a field mouse broke into the shop, got into the Dracula rats’ cage and killed all of the actor rats. I was shocked to learn of this gruesome tragedy. I also can’t really imagine that field rat as anything other than a really tough leather jacket wearing cartoon rat with a cigarette and some brass knuckles.”


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