31 Days of Renfield: Day 12

I’m not normally this dirty in everyday life. Through the magic of stage makeup I can look like I haven’t showered in 3 months. Before every performance I sit myself down and start the process of getting dirty. It’s really very fun and actually takes a bit of skill to look believably dirty. My best friend since elementary school is a special fx makeup artist and for years I was her guinea pig whenever it came time for her to test out her newest skill. This summer I played a Leper in the horror flick Mark of the Beast from the guys who brought you Bikini Bloodbath and Bikini Bloodbath Christmas. She got me the job and transformed me into a decaying silver leper. The makeup took 8 hours and covered my entire body. I like to think her genius rubbed off on me. Renfield is my ongoing master piece and doesn’t take 8 hours. More like 20 minutes. I usually start off by giving myself some bags under my eyes with some purple/blue makeup. I apply a little bit and then blend it in with my fingers. Then I grab some texas dirt (it’s makeup not really dirt) and I dab it all over my head making sure to blend it naturally so that it looks worn. I like to add some shadows around and under my nose so that it sticks out. I’ll use a stippling sponge to apply some texture to my ears and the top of my head. Blending is key. After I’m satisfied with my level of filth, I proceed to paint my teeth with teeth paint. I use two colors. Nicotine and black. After my scene in Act I, I come back stage and apply this wonderful wound that our wig/makeup designer Heather created. It’s a combination of latex and wig netting. I use spirit gum to attach it to my head. I then proceed to apply makeup to it so that it looks like a fresh wound. The crowing touch is a bit of coagulated blood that comes in a tube. It’s just another day at the office.”


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