31 Days of Renfield: Day 6

“No matter how many times you do a show there’s always that day when your mind
just loses it’s place and the lines come out wrong. It happened this morning during
our student matinee in my first scene. Everything was going along splendidly, the
students were laughing, I felt great, everybody looked great. And then I caught
myself saying the completely wrong line. It’s like your mouth decided to do
something without your brains permission. Luckily Renfield is insane so whatever
I say can not make sense and people buy into it even more. My favorite thing is to look at Bill (Van Helsing and our Director) when such mix ups happen. I give him a knowing glance and a smile
and then the scene is suddenly that much more alive. I almost fell off the train but I’m back on track.
Watch out.”


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