Hello from Marketing!

Oh geez, I have to follow the literary interns.

Hi! I’m Kristen Perry, the Summer Marketing Intern. I am from exciting Indiana and attend the University of Indianapolis while I study Marketing. This is my first blog post, so forgive me if it’s terrible.  Let’s start at the beginning. I was searching around on the internet for internships for this summer when I came across Actors Theatre’s website. I was ecstatic to see there was a marketing internship up for grabs. This was a unique opportunity for me to merge my education with my passion and get great experience all at the same time.

While at Actors Theatre this summer I’ve been able to observe how they gear up for the upcoming season. It is a remarkable process to figure out what marketing efforts are needed all season long. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in inventive brainstorming meetings that take place here at Actors for each show. I’ve done everything from note-taking to wearing bunny ears at the Christmas in July Kick-off event.

 One exciting task this summer was distribution of printed pieces. John, the Graphic Design intern, and I embarked on an adventure to distribute brochures and fliers. This was a fun way to see Louisville and view the target markets for Actors Theatre. I’ve also been exposed to a great deal of Actors Theatre of Louisville’s history by adding to a production database throughout the summer. We created a spreadsheet to include all the people involved in every show starting with the 1963-64 season up to the present season here at Actors Theatre.

 John and I were also given the exciting opportunity to work on a mini-campaign to market season tickets for specific target markets. This allowed us to go through the whole process of a campaign, from copy, to design, to print. We hit a few bumps along the road, but it turned out really witty. Be on the lookout for our materials. We hope you’ll find them quite clever.

 Here I am in my last week here at Actors and it feels like time has flown by. Looking back on all the things I’ve been a part of this summer, I am so thankful. The skills and techniques I have learned and applied this summer will stay with me forever. I feel prepared to go into my last year of college and rock my professor’s socks off with my ramped up passion for and understanding of marketing.

 What I’ve enjoyed most about this internship is watching how this department comes together as a unit to succeed. I am so impressed by the quality of work Actors Theatre team puts out. This department strives to come at you from all angles in a creative and likable way.  It has been a pleasure to work and learn under Actors Theatre this summer, and I’m sad to see the experience end.

Thanks for reading,



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