> execute ./rootkit_v3.2 -u clarebear -p *******
.....Congratulations clarebear! You now have access to the system.
> execute ./passhack actorstheatre
User actorstheatre's password is 'Humana34'
> execute ./backdoor_bySimi_1.4 -u actorstheatre -p Humana34
actorstheatre> create post -t Greetings

HA! What’s up theatergoers of L-ville.  You have officially been PWNED by clarebear, your friendly neighborhood hacker.  You’re puny WordPress blog is now under my complete CTRL.  If I wanted to, I could del all your posts and turn your site into my own private World of Warcraft fansite.  Have no fear, though.  My intentions are entierly innocent.  Just wanted you to keep your eyes out for tickets to Heist! which is an art exibit opening at 21C museum/hotel/gallery downtown on march 11th and running through the 28th.  I hear its gonna be a blast, especially for the commisioner of police.  There’s a big scare that the international art thief Paul Vista and his crew are gonna try to steal the art, and knowing the commish, whose in charge of security, he’s probably got a good shot at suceeding.  You don’t want to miss it.   Especially the look on commishioner franklin’s face.  LIke a Mastercard commercial. “Fancy art party: $20,000. Priceless piece of new modern art: $200,000,000.  Embarrassing the s&#* out of the chief of police: PRICELESS.”  I heard tickets were sold out, but if you can get in touch with me, I might be able to “fix” a few things in the actorstheatre ticket database to make sure you get in…for a small price.

I’m not much of a theater guy, but I hear the other shows are supposed to be awesome, too.  The Humana festival is apparently a world-renowned festival for new American plays.  So you should go check them out.  Just tell em clarebear sent you, and they’ll probly arrest you.  haha jk.

Anyway, I’m getting tired of deflecting’s laughable attempts to regain control of this blog, so I’m gonna sign off.  C  |_|   |\|00|3s  |_8R!!!

actorstheatre> exit
> execute ./cleanup --message="You've just been PWNED by clarebear!!!"
> execute ./rootkit_v3.2 exit_sequence
Goodbye clarebear! Nice hacking with you!


3 Responses

  1. Brilliant.

  2. I deflect your CTRL scare… but i definitely agree with seeing 21c Apprentices of Actor Theatre’s Heist!! LOL i was able to enjoy the production on its opening night and I thought it was fabulous. The actors were funny, timed and in complete character. Even from the beginning, my thesbian friends played along to keep the spirit/acting rolling. The art was thoughtful and brilliant and the show was played very well. The apprentices of Actors Theatre Louisville did an exquisite job and I am only sure that the performances gained even more credit as the opening day went by!! I had an awesome time at the show…. and to my group leader, assistant curator Ms. Diane, I will BEAT you and we all did it for survival….!! Also, if asked, use a KEY as a weapon!! 😉

  3. I tried going to the address you gave last night for comments about ‘Cherry Sisters’ but it didn’t send me there so I am writing comments here. My husband and I LOVED that show!! It was so well written and the actors were incredible. We especially loved the ‘play’ with the Spaniard, the gypsy mother and her daughter. I was laughing so hard people were looking at me. I can’t understand why people weren’t guffawing! What didn’t they get about the humor? It is so campy and filled with subtlties, voice inflections, poses, ad libs etc. It’s a canvas that they painted upon – the whole show was just superb and I was thoroughly entertained as well as impressed. Addie was my favorite but they all did so well and each had their brilliant moments. The bass drum bits were well done.

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