The Lady Takes the Stage

“The best way to start any musical evening is with this girl. It don’t get better than this.”
— Frank Sinatra

“Ella’s amazing! My daughter says that every time she makes a mistake, it becomes a hit record.”
— Lucille Ball

“She has been one of my all-time favorite singers for many years and still is – she’s terrific.”
— Perry Como

“She was the best. She was the best there ever was. Amongst all of us who sing, she was the best.”
— Johnny Mathis

Ella Fitzgerald ‘s musical career spanned almost six decades and included 13 Grammy awards, a National Medal of Art, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  She has been called “the First Lady of Song” and “Mama Jazz.”  Yet for all her awards and acclamations, this Lady was notoriously, painfully shy, preferring song over spoken words.  She was “the Nice One,” modest to a fault.  It’s this modesty then that makes her personal story of tragedies and triumphs all the more fascinating.

That story comes to life on stage at Actors Theatre in Ella, a musical tribute to the woman behind the legendary voice.  Starring Broadway star Tina Fabrique and featuring many of the songs that made Fitzgerald famous, Ella is not to be missed.

I think Ella herself may have said it best:  “I’ve had some wonderful love affairs and some that didn’t work out. I don’t want to dwell on that and I don’t want to put people down, but I think all the fabulous places I’ve been, the wonderful things that have happened for me, the great people I’ve met – that ought to make a story.”


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