Crime Time Entertainment

“Who knew that Russian literature could be sleek and sexy?!  If you look at pop culture today in comparison, Crime and Punishment was ahead of its time.  With flash forwards, flash backs, axes, ladies of the evening and two masterminds battling it out in a in a mental boxing ring, it was Law and Order before we had Law and Order.  And at 90 minutes, it is almost as fast too!”

That would be a quote from Sean Daniels, Associate Artistic Director at Actors Theatre and director of Crime and Punishment, which opens tonight.  After watching a run-through of the performance myself, I’d have to agree with him 100%.  I have to admit, when I heard the name “Dostoevsky” and the words “sleek and sexy” in the same sentence, I was more than a little skeptical.  It sounded too much like a high school English teacher trying to convince a roomful of students that they really will  like the 500 page novel that’s required reading for class.  No, really.  And spit out that gum.

Well, after watching a run-through performance, this student is convinced.  Crime and Punishment is intense, exciting, and a little scary–all while doing justice to the original novel.  The three actors–Nick Cordileone, Jessica Wortham, and Lou Sumrall–are fantastic performers in their own right and even more amazing as they work together.  And the set?  In my professional opinion…it’s just plain cool. 

Crime and Punishment was indeed a story ahead of its time and one that makes for great theatre today.  So get your tickets now and check out the show–no book report required.

–The Cubicle Hot Shot


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  1. Saw it last night and was blown away. Amazing improvements since the first day of tech. The cast is lights out. So many little gems of theatrical brilliance – I had to see it a couple of times just to appreciate it fully!

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