And Scrooge was true to his word.

A story goes that in 1867, at a public reading of A Christmas Carol in Chicago, a scale manufacturer in the audience was so moved by Charles Dickens’ novel that he closed his factory on Christmas day (it had always remained open in prior years) and provided all his employees with Christmas turkeys. 

I don’t know anything about Mr. Fairbanks, the scale factory owner-turned-philanthropist in this anecdote.  I picture him as a bit of a Scrooge until, inspired by a story, he had a change of heart much like the one Ebenezer experiences.  Call me an idealist or a hopeless romantic, but I like to think that a book, story, or play can have such a powerful influence on someone.

This December, A Christmas Carol returns to Actors Theatre for the 34th year in a row.  34 years–that’s a lot of Tiny Tims with their tiny little crutches.  And yet, the story of a cruel old man who learns the true meaning of Christmas through some ghostly visits never seems to get old.  Each year at Actors, audiences fill the theatre once again for Dickens’ classic tale.  There are many reasons to keep coming back–or to see it for the first time.  This production of A Christmas Carol stays true to the original story while adding the element of warm holiday music and a set that’s a visual masterpiece.  And in keeping with the spirit of giving, Fifth Third Bank has donated 12 $100 gift cards–which means that at each of the first 12 performances, one lucky audience member will walk away with a lot more than a Christmas turkey!

So, there’s music and beautiful costumes and cool sets and great prizes to win.  And then, there’s a story.  A story that inspired a factory owner years ago to close shop on Christmas day.  A story that, perhaps, continues to melt the hearts of Scrooges today.

–the Cubicle Hot Shot


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  1. I went to see this on December 23 and I thought it was awesome. I have wanted to see this for years but this was the first time I was able to go and I am so glad I did. I was mesmerized. The lighting, the effects, it was all truly amazing. Thanks Actors for a great show!

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