Independent Projects Galore!

Hey All! TheatreGnat Here!

Having closed a very successful Dracula I’ve enjoyed a very much needed quiet week here at Actors. Now, however I am gearing up for a busy month of November filled with not main stage shows, but: Independent projects!

I’m really very excited about working on different brain children born from Interns and Apprentices alike. I went to the first Improv workshop earlier this week which was a ton of fun. The idea with that is to eventually take what we can put together in these workshops and hit the streets, clubs and bars with our comedy sketches. I’m an absolute nut for Improv, so I’m sure happy this is an option.

I’m also participating in Fastfood! The Musical! Which we’ll be performing later in the month. Another conceptual brainchild of apprentices. I haven’t done a “musical” since high school, but I look forward to flexing those rusty muscles and getting in to it.

There have been several other ideas out there. An Apprentice was thinking of putting up a version of Orestes 2.0, The Apprentice Cabaret will be doing another night of music from the golden age of Broadway, and there have been talks of getting together as a group and working out to bulk up or slim down for the spring.

I am so thrilled to be a part of such a dynamic, bold, intelligent group of entrepreneurs who just want to have fun and create good theatre. And what a better place to do it than at Actors?

Here’s to another fabulous month!



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