Blog about checklist: check.

So what’s an intern to do when her boss heads off to the beaches of Mexico for a week? ( Oh wait, he reads this blog…ahem, what I meant was, “when her wonderful boss takes a much deserved vacation”)  If you think the answer is “leave the office early, no one will ever know,” then let me clue you into the life of an Actors Theatre intern.

When you’re an Actors Theatre intern and you’re left to your own devices for a week, it’s not time to take things easy.  It’s time to hit the ground running.  And when you’re the Public Relations intern (like yours truly), it’s time to hit the ground running fast.  Here’s a brief glimpse at my to-do list: help organize social events for the Actors Ambassadors group (more on this awesome organization later), keep things running smoothly on the opening night of A Christmas Story (which, by the way, is this Thursday night!), make sure the press has all the photos and information they need on productions and events, prepare the press release for the Humana Festival (is it really time to start thinking about the Humana Festival?  Already?), and many more tasks that will somehow get done this week.  Are you exhausted by reading all this?  I’m exhausted.  Are you ready to buy me a drink out of sympathy?  I’m ready for you to buy me a drink.

Only I can’t really feel sorry for myself, because at the end of the day, I truly love my job (to my boss: I would write that even if you didn’t read this).  It’s non-stop, it’s keeping organized when everything happens at once, it’s meeting and greeting, it’s keeping a cool head, it’s promoting Actors Theatre’s events and productions, it’s updating a blog, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter (speaking of which, are you following us yet?)…

…It’s awesome.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So keep reading, because I’ll have plenty more to say as the year goes on–as will our other awesome bloggers.  But for now, back to that to-do list.

until next time,                                                                                                             

the Cubicle Hot Shot


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