Load-in, Schmode-in


So Christmas Story is fast on its way to opening. Have you ever wondered to yourself how do they get those sets up? Enter the set crew and (with lots of fan fare) the Apprentices!!!!!! We were able to put the entire set up in a record 4 days. All the apprentices work four hour shifts some starting at 8 am (That is in the morning, and really early if you are in your 20’s) . Now I know you are asking yourself, B. what did you do to put up a set? You have no carpentry skills at all. I mean we think you are great but do you even know what a drill bit is? Well to be perfectly honest no, I didn’t know what a drill bit was and if you had asked me a week ago I would have told you it had something to do with a horse, but I am a changed woman. I will have everyone know that I built stairs!!! Yes Stairs!!!! Which people will use to walk up and down on during the show. And they work. You can walk on them and even jump on them. There are also handrails which I installed. AMAZE-BALLS!!!!!! So now as a new load in master I will impart my newly found wisdom on to you:

Things I learned during load in:

  1. You get to cuss- This is probably the best past of load in. I have always enjoyed cursing, but have never found a place where I can explore various expletive combinations without judgment. Enter load in. You can curse about anything there. Really you don’t even need a reason. And not only is it praised it is celebrated and encouraged. I came up with some very creative combinations. E-mail me if you would like a sample.
  2. You get dirty- There is something extremely satisfying about doing hard labor and getting filthy because of it. The shop is covered in sawdust and you are lifting set pieces that are like 7,000 lbs (a rough estimate). But you are sweaty and gross and feel like all the effort that you are expending is totally worth it.
  3. You get to hang out with cool people- There are 22 apprentices here at the theatre, and we are all so busy that we hardly get a chance to see each other. So this is one of the few times that we get to hang out with people we wouldn’t usually get to see. Its great. Bonding over hard labor creates memories to last a lifetime.
  4. Power Tools- I never used a power tool before I got here, and now I am in love. How did I exist before a power drill? They are amazing. There are so many things I want to drill now. And interesting fact: they go both in forward and in reverse. So you can take screw in and out of wood or steel. I did not know that. That is why it took me four hours to put railings on stairs. You can only imagine what amazing strings of expletives came out of my mouth as I sat trying to screw in nails in reverse.
  5. Shop Guys are the best- Really. They are great. Anyone who doesn’t loose their temper with me, constantly quotes the Big Lebowski, and trust me to use a router (yep that is right- I used a router) are good with me.

Come see me as an Elf, and my amazing, wonderful, fantastical stairs in A Christmas Story.

Totes magotes,



2 Responses

  1. I hope to God that you don’t use that sign off line for every post. You, above all people, know how I LOATHE that….that…hideous phrase.

    “BTdubs”, awesome post. The truth about load-in in a handy, 5-step list. But you forgot to mention the awesome secret missions to the scene shop we take in the Apprenticemobile.

    ~ DAppleMan

  2. you are not the boss of me DAppleman. I can totes use whatever tag line I want

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