Closings and Openings

Hey! TheatreGnat here!

So Midsummer Night’s Dream closed Saturday night. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to become best friends with everyone in the cast I was proud of the fact that I got to know them all well. After Dracula got out for the evening I went to Intermezzo to have a drink and celebrate the closing.

I got a bit melancholy saying goodbye to the visiting actors. Most of them will be going back to NYC. It won’t be the same here when they’re all gone. Most of them gave me great little gems of wisdom, like: “Look me up on Facebook!”, “Humana will kick your butt, have fun!” and  “You’re part of an Apprenti/Intern Fraternity, your stuck with us whether you like it or not.” These pearls all cheered me up, oddly enough. Through Facebook I can keep contact with all of these extremely talented people, and when I move back to NYC I can hopefully meet up with them again and do more work.

Humana will kick my butt, but I think the core of that piece of wisdom, is how lucky we all will be when we’re working on one of  the Nation’s largest new plays festival. I’ll meet dozens and dozens of talented, wonderful people I can add to my Facebook contact list.

And then, there is always the wonderful fact that I and all the other apprentices and interns from this year will, and forever, be inducted into the wonderful fraturnity that exists because of the work we all did at Actors Theatre.

Midsummer closed, but the opportunities I’ve had in meeting these people have only opened a wide range of possibilities in the future. I can’t wait.



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