Join us for a Shakespearean jam session.

Midsummer Rehearsal 2 169It’s getting colder outside, I’m wearing a scarf today, and our season is just MOVING ALONG! This week, Louisvillians will begin to have the opportunity to jam along with Shakespeare in the Actors Theatre production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. That’s right, MIDSUMMER opening is just a few days away!

And yes, I said “jam along with Shakespeare.”

This production of MIDSUMMER is unlike any other you’ve ever seen (or so I assume). So, if you are like me and can read Shakespeare with your eyes closed, don’t think you’ll be bored by this show. And, if you are just not really a Shakespeare person, don’t think that this show is not your style. If you like to jam (and who doesn’t?), this show is for YOU.

We all know Shakespeare has been called timeless, and I am here to tell you that MIDSUMMER fits into the 60s so well, I’m kind of upset with myself for not making the connection earlier. I mean, “love potion?” Hello, hallucinogenic drugs. Just saying.

Take a look at these rehearsal pics and then tell me this won’t be SO MUCH FUN.

And don’t forget to play your Sex Pistols record while you’re getting ready for the show – you’ll feel such a connection with Puck if you do.


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  1. Midsummer will be rockin’. Just like your scarf.

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