I told you I would keep you posted on everything and anything the A/I Company is up to this season. So, here I am.

This is an open invitation! ai_logo2008_small


To What? THE BELVEDERE, an original A/I Company production about finding hope and joy in community during economic crisis
When is it? Monday, September 28 at 12:45pm (A.K.A. during your Monday lunch-break almost exactly a year after the Lehman Brothers, Inc. filed the largest bankruptcy report in United States history)
Where is it? The Belvedere at the Riverfront
Cost? $0


Now that you know the basic details, let me tell you a little bit more.

Brittany Parker, who graduated from the University of Florida with a BFA in Theatre Performance in 2008, is the director of this performance, which is influenced by Clifford Odets’ plays Awake and Sing and Waiting for Lefty.

Though she has been acting for almost ten years, this project is Brittany’s directorial debut, and here’s what she has to say about it:

This is my first venture in conceptualizing and directing a performance piece. Thus far, it has been a fantastic learning experience, and a very inspiring one as well.

There have been days when I thought, “I have no idea where to go next,” and my incredible cast uses their creative energies to breathe new life into the project. The minute I have doubts, the cast erases them with their brilliance. It shows the power that comes with having faith in people, and that’s what the project is all about, really.

How, when we feel so alone in our struggle, can we unite together to climb out of this economic meltdown? How do we find freedom in moments of despair? How can the community around us help us to see the golden opportunities that come when our world seemingly falls apart?

Who’s part of this amazing group, you ask? The Ensemble includes: Brittany Parker, Gwen Ellis, Patricia Cancio, Kara Davidson, Alexis Bronkovic, Tyler Jacob Rollinson, York Walker, David Darrow, and Matt Whitfield, with assistance from Robbie Tann, Erin Fried, and Gretchen Wright.

See you at the Belvedere.


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