Let’s Talk About Vampires.

DRACULA20090915_004In case anyone has been out of the popular culture loop recently, I’m here to tell you that vampires are in right now. Did you read the Courier-Journal arcticle about it?

That being read, I’m sure you want to hear my opinion.

This is what I think. Basically, I’m so glad that we have this wonderful DRACULA tendsetting vampire tradition here at Actors Theatre. Call me an old woman, but we (and by we, I mean America) need to keep the original vampire (that would be Dracula, in my book) ALIVE (or whatever he may be…). And I’m not saying I haven’t seen—or may even be totally into— Twilight or True Blood. I’m just saying that The Count should not be forgotten with all these new interpretations of what it means to be a vampire. And luckily for Louisville, Kentucky, nobody here has to worry about forgetting the “original vampire rules,” which get very complicated with modern interpretations. We have the amazingly horrific and educational opportunity to see the monstrous creation brought forth by McNulty’s production, which should check any popular-culture-vampire-lovers into place. This is a horror story, not a romance. And I like it like that.

And by the looks of opening night, I’m not the only one who feels this way.


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