Goodbye, ALICE, goodbye…

WKD 911 093

Yesterday, The Sweet Tooth hosted three Mad-Hatter Tea Parties for several dozen ALICE fans who came to spend an hour sipping on tea while nibbling on (or perhaps inhaling) tea-sandwiches and tea-treats with members of the cast (in costume!) from LOOKINGGLASS ALICE.

The day was obviously a success. The Sweet Tooth treats were delectable, and if you’ve never stopped by this little dessert café before, I really think you should. Matt Porter is going back to buy a pint of pimento cheese. Jade is going to meet her dad there for lunch one day soon. And I need to go back for a cake.

Some highlights of the parties include: beautiful tea-party dresses worn by every girl who entered the door; some guests taking full advantage of the wall of mirrors (maybe you’d be interested in checking this out, too); dress-up shoes that are very difficult to walk in; Adeoye finding his new biggest fan; picture-taking and autograph-signing; home-made Mad-Hatter hats; and, great conversations between cast members and fans.

And because I know everyone is wondering about it, nobody spilled on their costumes, nor were they spilled on by anybody else. Though, if they had been, Jade, the wonderful wardrobe mistress, would have been to the rescue. Luckily for her, though, she got to join the rest of the Actors Staff Entourage (also including two intern chauffeurs, Matt Porter, and Kory Kelly) in observation of the tea party happenings.

If you missed the tea party, don’t be TOO upset… This is just the beginning of a fun-filled season!

And now we say goodbye to ALICE. The show is off to new places, and we are welcoming new faces (as well as some old ones!) as we move forward with our season.

It’s DRACULA time. So go creep yourself out again with that AMAZING trailer 


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