DRACULA Video: I’m Scared Just Typing About It!

THIS JUST IN! Watch it, and then we’ll talk.

OK, I don’t know about you, but I am chilled to the bone after watching this video. It was filmed at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, so I’m pretty sure I saw real ghosts in the background. Creepy. But I clearly love it and am now totally ready for William McNulty’s DRACULA! It’s going to be great. Just great.

But even though I trick myself into thinking that the people (or creatures?) in this video are leftover Waverly residents from its sanatorium days (BECAUSE IT’S JUST THAT GOOD), I know that they are really my peers, members of Actors Theatre’s A/I Company. (I might be an intern… But this isn’t about me at the moment.) Yes, everyone you see in this video (minus Helen Lister, who plays the little girl) is an Acting Apprentice. So, this isn’t only a preview for Dracula, but a sneak peak of the amazing young talent Actors has brought in for the season!

Do you know about Actors’ A/I Company? If you don’t, you should. Check out more about it on our website, and keep up with the blog to learn everything and anything you’ll ever want to know about the A/I Company and what we may be up to…

But back to the spooky stuff.

You better be getting in the Dracula mode now that it’s September, a.k.a time for us to get filled with that Halloween spirit, because we all know that by the time Halloween actually rolls around, the scents of Christmas will already be in the air. Plus, your first chance to see Dracula is in NINE DAYS.

What are your favorite Dracula memories? I really want to know.


2 Responses

  1. Spooky! I saw this for the first time in High School and still go see it every year.

  2. I loved V Craig Heidenreich as Dracula. He was a very dark and handsome antagonist. There is nothing better than having a secret crush on Dracula as he does his thing to unsuspecting victims.

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