LOOKINGGLASS ALICE. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it.

The 2009-2010 season has officially begun here at Actors Theatre, and if you haven’t jumped through the lookingglass yet, I strongly suggest you do.

Let’s talk about it.

This show is simply amazing. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been swept away by it. Children are in awe of the unique spectacle and adults are entranced by the beauty created from the blend of literature, theatre, and circus-inspired physical strength. The story of Alice traveling back to Wonderland through the lookingglass is told like you have never imagined.

Lindsey Noel Whiting, who plays Alice, is stronger than you will ever be. Can you hold the weight of a full grown man in front of a live audience, in a dress and striped stockings, while delivering lines in the voice of a little girl? Can you gracefully contort your body while suspended from ropes or a lira (a hula hoop sized ring that is an acrobatic prop, so you probably don’t have one in your bedroom) while portraying to the audience the emotion of travelling through childhood? I didn’t think so.

And because we can’t do these things, we are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to spend 90 minutes with Alice through the lookingglass. But we only have until September 20.

So go, now, and buy your tickets. Tell me if you don’t leave smiling (even if you do feel a secret hint of jealousy that you can only dream of ditching your dumbbells for a lira). Tell me if you aren’t amazed. And tell me if you don’t want to go back and experience from a different angle this five person cast create a Wonderland you’ve never known before.


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