Our Own Version of March Madness

This week we had a full company meeting in which nearly everyone involved in the Humana Festival was together in the same room at the same time before any of the plays have started performance.

As Artistic Director Marc Masterson noted, it’s sort of like a pep rally in a lot of ways – it energizes the whole company as we move into the Humana Festival.

The plays have staggered openings, so while one play moves from rehearsal and into tech, others are still rehearsing. Then as multiple shows are open we move into a rotating repertory schedule with demanding changeovers that often require flipping the theatre set from one show to another in under an hour, while all three theatres are in use and culminating in an increasing number of performances each day.

Over the Industry Professionals weekends (March 27 – 29 and April 3 – 5), we will hit a high of eight performances in one day with curtains starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m. followed by a big gala.

All of this takes an incredible amount of work, thus the cheers at our company party to remind us why we do this (it’s a lot of fun!) and kick off the start of the festival. (And, it doesn’t hurt that Red Bull donates some of their product to keep us going.)

– Cathy


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