What Is Your Favorite Love Story?

In the spirit of love lost and found, currently onstage with Match Games at Actors Theatre, we’re soliciting your favorite love stories (personal, literary or whathaveyou). Share an anecdote with us on the Inside Actors Blog by commenting to this post.

I personally have a weak spot for Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Little Women (Jo and the Professor).



2 Responses


    They met in New York in a beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park
    Of course they fell in love
    That’s what this is all about.
    It was the first time for both.

    They fell deeply in love in that beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park South
    They couldn’t believe what had happened to them.
    She said their love couldn’t last,
    But he said that it would last forever.

    They spent many days and nights overlooking Central Park,
    But never even glanced that way
    They stayed within their Paradise
    They had so much to learn about each other.

    He said, “You see? Our love will last forever.”
    She smiled and moved still closer.

    He was a scientist,
    She was a singer.
    He went to New York to give lectures,
    She went to New York to take lessons
    They went to New York to be together.

    Love radiated from them and touched the passers by,
    Even dour New Yorkers grudgingly gave a nostalgic sigh.
    They didn’t try to hide their love; it was as if they were alone,
    They had transcended New York City to a world all their own.

    When they couldn’t live on love alone,
    They dined at La Caravelle.
    And even in that public place she nestled close to him,
    And touched him with affection, no longer caring who might see,
    And in him was born a tenderness unknown ‘til he met her.

    They were in love,
    They were beautiful,
    They were married,
    They were married to two other people… many years ago.

    She said their affair couldn’t last.
    But he said their love would last forever.
    And since the end is in the beginning
    It was so.



    Meet the Cast of…
    The Story of the Unknown God
    “We leave Athena’s olive grove
    By salty springs, Piraeus cove
    Sit side by side at your bank of oars
    Let’s ride the tide to foreign shores” – Row Men Row –


    Performance Dates:
    Weeks 1 & 2 – January 29 to February 7, 1999
    The Players:
    Epimenides: Daniel Bryant
    Nisia: Nadeen Elkassem
    Porcus: Matthew Cassidy
    Demetera: Marlene Racine
    Draconia: Melissa McKenzie
    Cratinus: Robertto Bacchin

    Ghost: Gwyn Chapman
    Priest: Mani Nasry
    Nikias: Steve Kavcic
    Oracle (week 1): Charlene Zacks
    Oracle (week 2): Karen Lawrence
    Ctesibius (week 1): Emily Hahn
    Ctesibius (week 2): Laura Crystal
    Rumis (week 1): Ben Hahn
    Rumis (week 2): Gigi Trudel
    Cretan Child (week 1): Leila Copes
    Cretan Child (week 2): Pamela Gavia

    Athenians (Sailors, Shepherds, Stone Masons)
    Leila Copes, Laura Crystal, Joey DeLuca, Michelle DeLuca, Pamela Gavia, Vida Gavia, Vina Gavia, Ben Hahn, Emily Hahn, Jimmy Palos, Karen Perez, Monika Tatalovic, Gigi Trudel, James Walkowiak

    Sea Nymphs
    Gigi Cramer, Melissa Mazzucco, Meighan Smits, Mackenzie Steinhoff, Taborah Tyson

    Leila Copes, Pamela Gavia, Vida Gavia, Vina Gavia, Monika Tatalovic, Anna Trudel

    Purple Singers
    Mahsa Ghanbarzadeh, Natalie Marino, Anna Trudel Ragoobar

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