Why It’s Special: Snowing Inside the Theatre

carol-2008-press-02I’ve been thinking about why it seems like people start celebrating the holidays earlier and earlier every year. Maybe we just want to hold onto that special time of year feeling as long as possible because it’s so magical and it sometimes seems to end so quickly.

We are upon the final weekend of this year’s music-filled production of A Christmas Carol (the second longest running in the country!) and are just a few weeks away from bidding A Tuna Christmas a final farewell (forever?).

I will be extending the holiday spirit myself this weekend as my husband and I attend A Christmas Carol with our friends and their daughter who will be seeing the Spirits of Christmas come alive for the first time. Introducing a child to live theatre is pretty magical to me.

Happy Holidays and keep yourself well – it seems like the entire city of Louisville has caught a cold!

– Cathy

My favorite part of the show was when Sarah:
1) figured out where the snow was coming from
2) during intermission walked over to the side of the stage and picked up a handful of fake snow from around the base of the street lamp and then brought it over to show her mom.

An usher then came over and I handed the snow back on behalf of Sarah.

I didn’t see that one coming.


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