Drew Fracher on the Final Year of Tuna

Director Drew Frachers talks about the FINAL YEAR of A Tuna Christmas at Actors.


3 Responses

  1. Dear Mr. Franchers,

    We saw “Tuna Christmas” last Thursday night and I just have to make these comments. “Tuna” is my favorite Christmas time play….almost a tradition at our house. We have seen it many times….this year, though, something disturbed me.

    We always take someone with us who lives out of town and have never seen it . This time it was my two brothers and thier wiv es and some out of state friends. They drove all the way from Atlanta, Memphis and Virginia to see it with us. It is always so much fun to watch their reactions and the laughter….However this year the language seemed so much worse…particularly DiDi’s constant use of G………..D….. I cringed everytime I knew that was coming. It seemed excessive and unnecessary.

    I always tell people that they must leave all their “attitudes about things” at home and just enjoy “Tuna” for the humor. We are not prudes but we are Christians and as Christians that particular curse word is not acceptable on any level.

    I know this is the last year for “Tuna” here and for that I am sad, but I feel it would have been our last year anyway because of that. So sad because it is so hillarious without that.

    I started not to send this because it was the last year here, but felt I should tell you how we feel. I don’t know if my comment would change anything. Probably not because of “artistic license” and all, but please consider it. I know it was all in fun, but that is a serious issue to a lot of people who may be in your audience.

    Mary Pike

  2. We have attended a Christmas Tuna for several years and thoroughly enjoyed the play. This is the first year as we went in the theater there was a sign warning us about offensive language. The G..D..’s. were very offensive and did not add to the content or humor of the play. In fact, it diminished our enjoyment of the performance. This play stands alone and does not need G….D….’s . I was surprised the theater was half empty when usually it is full each year when we attend. Could this be the reason? Taking the Lord’s Name in vain IS NOt funny period.

  3. Mary and Barbara,
    Thank you so much for posting your comments. The blog is a great place to be able to share your ideas and let us know how you feel about what you have experienced with us. Please do so whenever you have feedback for us.

    “A Tuna Christmas” is currently being presented in its original form, just as it has been done over the past 13 seasons. Sometimes, with different actors, the inflection and delivery might change, but the script and dialogue is in fact the same. We’re sorry that the language caught you unaware this year.

    We hope that you did enjoy the other aspects of the show and that you will create a new holiday tradition with Actors Theatre after “A Tuna Christmas” closes for its final year.

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