Dracula Review by Laura McCann

The lights go down and fog appears all around. Howling begins and the audience is gripping the red velvet of the seat cushions in their hands. Something scary is about to happen but what? Suddenly, Dracula appears blood thirsty. He has arrived. The play has begun and from the very first scene the audience remains on the edge of their seats. Many great effects went into the production of the play Dracula, written by Bill McNulty as adapted by Bram Stoker’s novel. Light, sound, costumes and make-up all helped bring the novel to life in this fantastic play.

When the lights went down in the theater, every audience member was glued to their seat. They did not want to look, yet they did. The lights created the feeling of eeriness and gloom. Dracula uses the darkness of the night to become a blood thirsty animal and suck the blood of the living. Through lighting, the scenes seemed to be very realistic.

As a scream was let out, the audience cringed. This feeling was created by sound. The sound effects of the howling, screams, and gun shots were attention-grabbers and pulled the audience in. Many jumped, some got goose bumps, and others screamed along. With the help of sound the play came to life and brought some great reactions from the audience with it. Vampire teeth, blood, tattered clothing, and hair all made up the costume of Dracula. Whether he was wearing a cape or seemed animal-like, the make-up and costumes made the character real. The blood was constant throughout the play as well as tattered clothing. The other costumes worn by various actors were well put together too. The designs for all of the outfits came from some deep thought and great imagination.

If you want a big bang for your buck you must go to Actors Theatre and see Dracula. From the instant the lights go out to the time they turn back on, you are captivated by the characters that Bram Stoker brought to life in the novel. Bill McNulty’s adaptation sticks very closely to the book and he has done a brilliant job directing this production. Though not intended for young children, this play is one you do not want to miss.
– Laura McCann, Bullitt East High School
Review of Dracula as part of Actors Education’s Young Critics Program


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