About the Pride and Prejudice Set

Technical Director Mike Bowen was featured at the Oct 8 Staff Chat pre-show. He talked about his job and how the shop staff take a design through the building process and load-in to what you see on stage.

Before the pre-show started I had asked Mike what materials were used to create the Pride and Prejudice set, but we ran out of time during the Staff Chat to share that information.

So, here’s a brief recap:
Steel was used to create a frame, to which they attached plywood sheets. On the plywood sheets, the shop folks used tape to create the outline of bricks all along the wall. So, each brick was outlined by hand. Then a dry medium called Sculpt-a-Mold, which comes in powder form was mixed with warm water and poured over the plywood wall. This medium is moldable when wet.  After it has dried a bit, but not dried all the way, the tape is pulled up, leaving areas without this moldable medium. Because of the tape, these areas form lines in a grid that create brick shapes. The resulting wall was then painted white, and the medium used creates a texture that looks like a brick. All of this is done by hand!

Mike also noted that steel is preferred for framing large strucures like the walls in Pride and Prejudice, because the joints of steel pieces can be welded together, essentially creating one unified piece, whereas wood framing is connected at best by glue and nails/screws/bolts. Welded steel basically creates a more structurally sound frame.

Thank you to Properties Director Mark Walston for the wonderful photos you upload to Flickr.


Set Model
Set Model

The Wall Frames

The Wall Frames

The walls with texturized bricks

The walls with texturized bricks

Photo of Pride and Prejudice set with Cast

Photo of Pride and Prejudice set with Cast


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