There’s Something About Dracula

Daniel Reyes and Kim Stauffer

Daniel Reyes and Kim Stauffer

Really, this could be titled “There’s Something About Working in a Theatre”….

….I love working in a theatre.  Especially when things like this happen that both uncover the magic of theatre while making it that much stronger.

I was walking through the basement hallway between the administrative building and the theatre building on my way to the Office part of the Box Office.  As I neared the Box Office I was walking through the part of the hallway that winds around the dressign rooms, green room and trap room (dont’ worry, I won’t reveal those secrets).  Backstage lights were on, so I knew it was a student matinee, but I was still surprised when I rounded the corner and the Dracula monster walked right past me.

Only in theatre, right?  But it gets better.

Randolph Curtis Rand and Marc Bovino

Randolph Curtis Rand and Marc Bovino

After I had my meeting in the Box Office, as I was walking out into the hallway again, I realized I was walking right behind Dracula. It was almost as if Dracula appeared right in the spot that I had last seen the monster.

Although it was a bit more prosaic than what you see on stage. Dracula was carrying a mug and headed towards the green room during one of his breaks in the show.

– Cathy


2 Responses

  1. Marc,
    I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan! In fact, I printed off the picture of you on the computor and made you as my wallpaper! I am going through a tough time right now, but if I think about saving up to go see Dracula again next year, I feel all better! So far, I have 15 dollars! I know it doesn’t sound like much,b ut give me a brake! I mean, come on, I have school and divorced parents to deal with! There is not much I can really do about it! But, I just earned another 14 dollars so that makes it 29 dollars that goes to tickets for next years performance! 🙂
    You did awesome! Thank you! I hope you see this and all o my blog answers and respond to as many of them as you can! I always check just to make sure I didn’t miss anything! 🙂

    Kelli ♥

  2. I just went to go see this with my Middle School. We ALL loved it!! I just want to tell you what a GREAT performance it really was and thank you for putting it on! Dear Marc Bovino, youre awesome!

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