What Do You Think About Dracula?

Daniel Reyes and Kim Stauffer

Daniel Reyes and Kim Stauffer

Tell us what you think about Dracula – do you have a favorite bone-chilling scene? What’s your favorite special effect?  Are you new to Dracula, or have you seen every production every year at Actors?


11 Responses

  1. I just wanted to thank you for replying about my nephew Danny Reyes. He’s in the undead ensemble in Dracula and we’re very proud of him. Go, Danny!

  2. Thanks, Gracie – Danny is doing a great job!

  3. There’s a feature in the Courier-Journal about Danny’s monster transformation: http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20081005/SCENE05/810050324/1047/SCENE05

  4. Dracula totally rocked. I cannot get is off my mind, It was so awesome. I keep reading the playbill over and over to keep me from going crazy.
    I would see it again but my mom wont buy me the tickets.
    my favorite scene is where at the begining where the wolf guy comes out, it was sooo awesome.

  5. My favorite part of the play is when Dracula takes over the young woman’s mind (in the former version, it was Miss Welles, the maid; now it’s Miss Sullivan, the doctor’s assistant). The actor and actress are so in sync that they give me chills! It’s as though the vampire really has control of her!

  6. We just went and saw Dracula today and it was my first visit to Actors Theatre and let me tell you…i will most defintely be back to watch more shows. It was awesome…the people at Actors was so polite and nice to us and Dracula was awesome!!! I don’t think I had a favorite part..it was all really good! Next on my list is A Christmas Carol!!! Maybe A Raisin in the Sun…Thanks for thwe best first visit there!

  7. We’re so glad you all are enjoying it!

  8. This is Danny Reyes’ aunt again (yes, I know, but aunts are like this). Today’s Danny’s 24th B-Day. Happy B-Day, Danny. I loved the interview and the pictures.

  9. I just saw Dracula last night. It was the second time I’ve seen it and it was amazing!! I loved it! The actors were so real and talented. I just thought they all did a really great job. I loved the whole play!

  10. I loved the whole play! I just saw it last night for the second time and thought it was amazing. I really want to go see it again but my mom won’t let me buy tickets.
    I thought the pictures with the cast was really cool!

    I love the actors [:

  11. Just saw this with my Middle School, We all LOVED it! But I do want to congradulate Maggie and Faith. Such great actors at such a young age. Maggie actually waved at me after the show, I was so happy! We ❤ u girls!

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