Act One

A very exciting day in rehearsal today, as we put together all of Act One for the first time. At the top of the day it was mentioned that we only have a little over a week left to put the show together. The cast seemed to share a slightly shocked/excited look at this news. The run was by no means a polished final product, but it was very productive. There was a lot of stopping and starting as transitions and moments were clarified, tightened, and in some cases changed completely. The show is indeed getting close, but we are still at a point where we have the luxury of spending the time we need to get all of our scenes as sharp as possible. Today was also our first day of going completely without scripts, and the cast was totally on the ball in this regard. There were a few instances where stage management had to feed a line, but for the most part they were very solid.

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Act One
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