Road Trips and Siblings

We were thinking about all of the Humana Festival plays and how we might invite YOU to participate by sharing your own stories evoked by one of the plays.

For me, two plays get to a sort of primordial Americana storytelling moment:

Great Falls puts a new American family unit (think remarriage and divorce) on the traditional American road trip out West.
All Hail Hurricane Gordo looks at the bond between two brothers in situations that are both mundane and trying.

I was reminded of a road trip I took with my two sisters the summer 0f 2000, down to Hattiesburg, Miss., to visit my older sister’s in-laws, and then on to New Orleans to visit our maternal grandmother, who had then recently moved back to New Orleans after living in Delaware her whole married life and whose roots in the city go back to the 1700s. I’m sure we squabbled some, as we always end up doing, even as adults – but I remember it as one of the best road trips I’ve ever taken simply because I was with my two sisters on our first trip together as adults (16, 20 and 24).

It was different than the car trips to DC and Panama City Beach and Henderson, Ky., that we went on as kids. Not just a difference in age, but a difference in how we saw each other as independent human beings starting to make, or already fully on, their own path in life.

The trip has since become even more poignant since it’s the last time I visited New Orleans pre-Hurricane Katrina. My grandmother evacuated to Baton Rouge ahead of the storm, along with the other residents of her retirement community. And in April of 2006 Grandma was able to move back to New Orleans  – high time for another road trip, I think.

Do you have a road trip or siblings story? Or do other Humana Festival plays remind you of something?


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