A Note From Pablo


I am a big, big Christmas nut. Getting a tree, pulling down the decorations
from the closets and under the beds and spending a few days getting filled
with relentless Christmas Cheer is just about the best thing I can think of.
The other thing about the holidays that I love is being able to do A Christmas
every year for the people of Louisville (this marks my 15th at Actors).
It is a grand tradition and I hope it never ends. One of the new traditions
that has come from Actors’ holiday shows is the collecting of money for two
charities that are very important to us.

Six years ago we began in a very small way making a donation to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS . That first year A Tuna Christmas collected over the entire run and made a nice donation. The next year at A Christmas Carol we collected for the last eight performances of our run and came away with an impressive $5,000. Over the years we have continued to collect money and send it off to Broadway Cares. I have been
overwhelmed by the generosity of the people of Louisville. They have given so
much to our community and continue to do so each Christmas season.

For the past two years we have divided the money between two charities:
Broadway Cares and The Louisville AIDS Walk. We felt that given the
generosity of the community it is important to share with several of the
local AIDS charities under the Louisville AIDS Walk umbrella. To date we
have given almost $100,000 to help people living with HIV and AIDS and
this year we hope to break every record.

So, at the end of each performance of The Santaland Diaries, A Tuna
and A Christmas Carol, look for the company member with a
basket and red ribbon and, if you can, drop a bit of change in it. It will
be particularly hard not to when Tiny Tim, Belinda Cratchit or other young
company members are holding the baskets. It seems people can’t resist
throwing in the big bucks to them! Whatever you can do will help the many
people throughout Louisville and the nation who deal daily with HIV/AIDS .
We wish you the best for your holiday season.

Pablo Holmes
Production Stage Manager
Stage Manager, A Christmas Carol


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