The Lazy Blogger


There’s something sluggish about the way the word “BLOG” sounds anyway.

“I blogged along at a snails pace”.

I’m terrible at this. First of all I have no computer so it means I have to catch the internet here and there it’s a pain.

But mostly it’s been the production schedule from Tech through opening was hectic. Now that the show is open I’m getting into my daily routine and hope to make blogging a bigger part of it.

In show news: last night we had to eject a rowdy customer from the theatre. It allowed for some good Hedwig improv and for the staff to figure out how to deal with such things. Also: we’re looking at a darker colour of silver for the Tommy Gnosis cross.

Isn’t this fascinating?

Apparently a super-fan who travels all over the world seeing Hedwig will be at the show tomorrow night.



One Response

  1. Saw the show Sunday night. Fabulous work, great energy. Thanks.

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