ear X-tacy


Hedwig and the Angry Inch appeared for the first time yesterday at record store ear X-tacy and the gay-entertainment-megaplex Connections.

hed_ear1.jpg hed_ear2.jpghed_ear3.jpgLook at all the photos from our ear X-tacy gig

It was a flurry or make-up, duct tape, and leopard print getting ready for these gigs. I thank the heavens for Lorraine and the entire costume department and Kelly my make-up and wig Goddess. They made Hedwig herself.

At the gig Hedwig met a fan named Dodie and her husband Tom who have seen the show 3 times and asked Hedwig for an autograph. There were also several enthusiastic people singing along with every lyric of every song. It’s great when a genius like John Cameron Mitchell has done all the hard work upfront by doing a hit play, soundtrack, and movie and all you have to do is show up in the wig and makeup and people go nuts. Thanks J.C.M!

earX-tacy rocked.


photos care of Gary Quick


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