Get a Taste of Fire

Preview the rich sounds of Fire on the Mountain with video and sound clips.


3 Responses

  1. My wife and I pastored a little church down a holler in Breathitt County, KY. On Saturday the 22nd we are going back to the hills to enjoy a mountain festival. Your production brought back the humor, saddness, anger and good mucis we experienced while serving there. We left right when the idea was being floated by the government that the mountains that had been topped could be turned into vineyards. Nobody was laughing.

  2. I grew up in the coal fields and trace my family tree to miners at least 100 years ago. The story gives a vivid representation of life in Appalachia and the impact the coal industry has had on family and wilderness.

  3. Fire ion the Mountain was, without question, one of the best plays to be presented on the Actors Theater Stage in the last few years. We saw the same play in Branson about four years ago and the Actor’s Theater production was far superior. My Fair Lady last year and Forever Patsy (Patsy Kline)were close seconds. Many thanks for the fine theater.
    Dick Mortberg

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