A New Look for Dracula

Dracula director William McNulty will be working with new material this year, which he adapted himself from the famous novel by Bram Stoker.

The haunting new adaptation also called for new everything else, including set, costumes, light, sound and exciting stage effects. As our resident designers and production staff bring these new creations to life we’ll take you behind the scenes to get a sneak peek before the brand new production opens.

dracula-2007-03.JPG dracula-2007-01.JPG dracula-2007-02.JPG


Renfield (Marc Bovino) is blogging from behind the scenes.

While all of the lighting design for Dracula lends to creating a haunting world, some of the most fun lighting effects involve pyrotechnics. Below are some photos from the first pyro tech in the theatre for the all-new production.

Dracula is just not the same without the creepy sound effects and bone-chilling music. Associate Sound Designer Benjamin Marcum is working on new sound effects and music for the all-new production, as well as journal entries from Dr. Seward. Listen to Waltz Music

The all-new production includes a new set and props. Go behind the scenes of Dracula and other Actors Theatre productions with a series of pictures documenting the building process and the innerworkings of the production studio: Props Flickr Site

Resident Costume Designer Lorraine Venberg has the immense job of envisioning a new look for Count Dracula that matches the new adaptation. Below are some of the preliminary costume renderings for the all-new production of Dracula.

Preliminary costume sketch
of Count Dracula

Preliminary costume sketch
of Vampiress 1

Preliminary costume sketch
of Vampiress 2

Preliminary costume sketch
of Vampiress 3


4 Responses

  1. where are the pictures of lucy, mina, and the other chacters from dracula?

  2. At the time that we were posting costume sketches we only had preliminary sketches for some of the characters and did not have photos as the costumes were being built. Sometimes even we don’t know exactly what the costumes will look like until they’re created.

    We’ll post production photos soon!

  3. After reading through this article, I just feel that I really need more information on the topic. Can you suggest some more resources please?

  4. Liza,
    Are you looking for more information related to the Actors Theatre production of Dracula, or more information and resources related to stage adaptations of Dracula, to the novel Dracula or to the legends of Dracula?

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